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Shawn Mendes Accidentally Drops Camila Cabello While Rehearsing ‘Senorita’ Choreography [VIDEOS]

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello broke the internet with their “Señorita” music video, but turns out Shawn almost Broke Camila! They released behind-the-scenes footage from their video shoot and it gave fans an inside look at a hilarious accident that happened in rehearsals while the collaborators perfected their choreography. Shawn admitted in the behind-the-scenes montage…read more »

Billie Eilish Fans Shut Down Twitter Trolls For Objectifying The 17-Year-Old

Billie Eilish’s fans are coming for trolls who objective the young singer. The 17-year-old was recently photographed wearing a white tank top under one of her signature baggy sweatshirts, and one Twitter user was quick to comment on the top’s tight fit and Eilish’s body. “Billie Eilish is THICK,” wrote the commentor. Eilish’s fans came in…read more »

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