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Bobby Hollywood is a Virginia Beach native and an original Hot 100 personality! You might recognize him from his days of stealing the show at Salem High School and ODU athletic games or running the beaches at the oceanfront as a lifeguard. Today, he still loves to surf at Croatan, enjoys going to the gym and watching movies. Catch him now on The Ride Home with Bobby from 2pm-7pm! 

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Lit’er Lame Music Drop

I find this to be Flashback Friday-ish so we’re playin’ it that day at 5:15pm and you’re votin’ on it!! Check our Insta Story 08/10 to see if we’re adding it to the playlist.

Cinema Cafe Movie Pick

Every Thursday around 5:10pm you’ve got a shot to win dinner & a movie at Cinema Cafe!!! I’ve been waiting for this gem….

Tom’s stunts will be insane! I hope you win.

Lit’er Lame Music Drop!

This week your Friday @ 5:15pm New Music Experience is gonna be….

Hopefully it makes you “Dip Low” enough to vote on our Instagram story that day & time. Listen Now, Listen later, and don’t forget to vote!

Cinema Cafe Movie Pick!!

Every week we give you a chance to win dinner and  movie at Cinema Cafe! This week we’re checking out…….



This is gonna be a doozy and there with be another doozy for you to win next week!!

Lit’er Lame Music Drop!

This week we’re enjoying that Twenty One Pilots are back on social media and dropping the latest in jams….

Jumpsuit is pretty killer and you can add it to our playlist by voting Lit or Lame on our Instagram Story today at 5:15pm.

Cinema Cafe Movie Pick of The Week

Every Thursday is your chance to win dinner & a movie at Cinema Cafe and this week you’re answering a trivia question to check out……….


“If you love The Rock fighting giant animals, escaping jungles, all while navigating a crumbling city in a helicopter”- (Screen Junkies) Then you’re gonna need to win TOMORROW.

Lit’er Lame Music Drop!!

I’ve been on the hunt for a summer jam but alas they’ve all been deemed LAME. I’m ready to give Max George a shot. Maybe this will get you hyped for your vacation or something.



Listen now, or listen later, but remember to vote on our Instagram Story 5:15pm Friday.

Lit’er Lame Music Drop!


This has some summer sass to it. Listen now, then listen AGAIN live on Friday at 5:15pm, so you can vote on Hot’s Instagram Story!

Cinema Cafe Movie Pick!

Tomorrow you have the chance to check out another Josh Brolin film! At 5:15pm Thursday, I’ll ask a question, and if you get it right you’ll win dinner and a movie at Cinema cafe!! It’ll be at their new Edinburgh location to see Sicario: Day of the Soldado at 6:15pm SUNDAY.

Lit’er Lame Music Drop!

THIS Friday at 5:15pm I search for a summer banger. Kygo & Imagine Dragons couldn’t do it BUT I think this song has a chance….

Listen to this now, listen later, and vote on our Instagram Story.

Lit’er Lame Music Drop!

Kygo joined forces with Imagine Dragons and made ‘Born to Be Yours.’ I personally think it’s a #MegaSummerLoveJam, BUT it’s not up to me to add it to the playlist… IT’S YOURS!! That’s why Friday at 5:15pm I’m playing it live on The Ride Home and letting you vote on our Instagram Story!

Cinema Cafe Movie Pick!

Tomorrow you have your chance to win Dinner AND a Movie at Cinema Cafe to see……… This Bad Boy!!!

Listen for the trivia-like question around 5:15pm!

Lit’er Lame Music Drop!

Incoming!! I’m on a Cardi B kick soOo this Friday at 5:15pm we’re broadcasting live from Beach House Live and getting your weekend started with fresh music!! Listen now, listen Friday, and vote on Hot’s Instagram story!… Friday, you vote Friday, haha.

The Movie of The Week!

We’re peepin’ this little gem at Cinema Cafe this Sunday and we’ll let you know how it is Monday! Remember you can win dinner and a movie at Cinema Cafe every Thursday around 5:15pm on The Ride Home.

Lit’er Lame Music Drop!

Thanks to Cinema Cafe hookin’ it up with Deadpool 2 tix for Sunday we grabbed a single off the soundtrack. Friday at 5:15pm let us know via our Instagram story if ‘Welcome to the Paty’ is Lit or Lame!!

Lit’er Lame Music Drop!

This Friday we’re gonna give this little ditty a shot. It think it’s full of sass but it’s up to you to choose if it’s good enough to add to the list. Friday at 5:15pm I’ll play and let you vote if it’s LIT or LAME on our Instagram story.

Lit’er Lame!!!

Every Friday at 5:15pm we drop a little new music you get to vote on on our Instagram Story ( @Hot1005 ) and this week you’re hearing…..

Man vs Millennial – Ford’s Colony

Lit’er Lame: Music Drop Monday!!



How about a little NOTD featuring Bea Miller this Friday? That’s what I’ll be playing at 5:15pm (04/27) and you’ll be voting on on our Instagram Story. Listen now if you want or we’ll chat on Friday! You’re the best!!