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Mar 08, 2013 -- 2:21pm


WOW!!! It's been quite a week for the Bieb....and NOT in a good way! 


He COLLAPSED at his show last night in London, but then took the stage again and finished after about a 20 minute rest. The crowd was chanting his name the whole time. But thennnnnnn, he freaked out on a photographer and threatened to beat the bleep out of him. The pic above is from that lil scuffle. Meanwhile, his buddy lil Twist was driving his Fisker Karmen, he wrecked it, and then fled the scene??? Not good at all. 


Ok....enough about the Bieb and his dramz....I found this on the internet....Pinterest, to be exact! I liked it and wanted to share:)

Have a fabulous and happy weekend!!!

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