JMAC & McCoy in the Morning

JMAC also known as Jessica, is a Virginia Beach native. She attended Cox High School and then VCU in Richmond. Her husband, Evan and her are the proud parents of a dog Teagan and 2 cats, Murphy and Possum. 

McCoy, also known as Paul, enjoys locally crafted beers, cooking, traveling, going to the movies, and being a father to 3 amazingly smart daughters. He’s always accepting donations to pay for their eventual weddings. 

Play Speak Out every morning at 7:30am for the chance to win great prizes!

Ten-Hut! Pizza!

The Army has finally added pizza MREs to its culinary lineup. It has a 3 year shelf life. It’s Army Pizza!

All aboard the prom battle bus!


JMAC’s Tracks

This kid gives the BEST song review.

He is the future of music. For real. You’re making us “give a chip” about rap music!

Unsane Is Insane in the best way..

Unsane, stars Claire Foy (The Queen on Netflix’ The Crown), plays Sawyer, a woman who moves to a new town to escape what she believes is a stalker. She then believes she sees him in her new town. When she goes to a therapist to talk about it, she mistakenly voluntarily admits herself to a psychiatric facility, after showing signs of being unstable. Things take a turn even worse, when she believes her stalker now works in the facility she is being held. I highly recommend this psychological thriller, directed by Steven Soderburg. Cool note: the entire movie was shot on an iPhone. Check out the trailer below!

JMAC'S New Music Friday - March 23rd