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Post-Grammys Outrage: Music ≠ Competition

  Time to hop on the ol’ soapbox real quick. The Grammys are over, and the morning after has been filled with dreadful post-show analysis. Let’s dive into one example before I start complaining: Billie Eilish won five awards, and swept the biggest four categories. Some people say this proves she’s a mainstream success and…Continue Reading


The Official Waters™ Grammys Preview

Will you be watching the Grammys? I won’t be. That’s been life once I decided to be a millennial and stop paying for cable. But I’ll be looking up the performances once they’re posted online, so here’s an alphabetical preview guide to those musical moments that will happen on Sunday night while I sleep. By…Continue Reading


Preparing for Pantheon!

[Waters] I’ve never been to an amusement park before. Or at least if I have been, I don’t remember. So when Busch Gardens in Williamsburg invited me to come check out the construction on their upcoming rollercoaster, I had no idea what to expect. Really, I should have known: it was a rollercoaster and a…Continue Reading


Q&A with the Waters Family Cat™

  Today is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Yes, that’s a real thing. To mark the occasion, I’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that my girlfriend’s cat, Tinkerbell (pictured above), is known to ask me. “Wake up?” More of a demand than a question, Tink likes to sit at the edge of…Continue Reading

Cardi B FB 3

Top 5 Wildest Cardi B Tweets… This Week

  It’s no secret that Cardi B is full of wisdom. She’s just got an unconventional way of expressing all of it. She’s always on Twitter, dropping truth bombs, making jokes, and sometimes being a little NSFW. Check out the Top Five (appropriate-for-work) Cardi B Tweets, in the past few days alone: Number 5: To…Continue Reading

Justin beiber fb2

Ten Years Later, the Same Stars Shine

January 18th is a very special day in Justin Bieber history! On that day in 2010, he dropped the legendary hit song “Baby” featuring Ludacris. With a top-five chart debut, massive radio airplay, and 2.1 billion views on its YouTube video, it’s arguably one of Justin’s most successful songs ever. Now, a decade after the…Continue Reading

Post Malone - ccDSC00776 credit Adam Degross

Post Malone, but Make It Icelandic

You’ve definitely heard of Post Malone. But are you familiar with the Icelandic alt-rockers Of Monsters and Men? Turns out they’ve got something in common… While on a promo tour in Australia, Of Monsters and Men performed a cover version of “Circles,” and it’s amazing. Their arrangement takes the song from a guitar-driven rock/rap crossover…Continue Reading


Imagining Pop Stars as Fortnite Players

Fortnite’s back in the news! #NinjaSkin started trending worldwide on January 15th after the professional Fortnite player Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was given his own in-game custom skin. That meant players could take up his appearance while they battled online. In the spirit of #NinjaSkin, I’d like to imagine what other famous people Fortnite could add…Continue Reading