Cardi B Turned Herself Into Police After Being Accused Of Planning An Attack On Two Strip Club Employees

Cardi B was officially arrested and charged with two misdemeanors: assault and reckless endangerment over an August incident at a strip club.

She was spotted leaving the police station shielded by umbrellas and surrounded by bodguards

An attorney for the alleged victims told People magazine,  “Cardi B ordered and committed violent assaults against my clients, and is being called to justice for her crimes. Apparently, she thinks her celebrity status puts her above the law, since she has bragged to multiple people and on social media that she orchestrated these vicious attacks,” Joe Tacopina, an attorney for the alleged victims tells PEOPLE in a statement. “But reality is setting in, as justice does not care whether her name is Cardi B or Carly B, and she will now answer for her crimes.”