Tracy Chapman is suing Nicki Minaj is over “Sorry”

Tracy Chapman is going after Nicki Minaj, saying she straight-up stole her song, “Baby Can I Hold You,” when she recorded “Sorry.”

The lawsuit claims Nicki, real name Onika Tanya Maraj, tried several times to get permission to use the sample after she’d already recorded her song but Tracy’s representatives “repeatedly” denied the request.

The song was not included on Nicki’s album, “Queen,” but the suit alleges Nicki went on to give the song to a DJ at a New York radio station – who teased it on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The day the track was played, Nicki tweeted, “Sis said no,” which, according to the lawsuit, refers to Chapman’s denial to her request to use “Baby Can I Hold You.” Nicki and crew pulled the song from “Queen” and tried to make it disappear, but Tracy says the damage was done.

She is seeking monetary damages along with an order blocking Minaj from doing pretty much anything more with the song.

BTW here’s Here’s Nicki’s version

and Tracy’s original