Post Malone spent over $40K on Postmates last year- what’s he buying??

For the second edition of “The Receipt,” Postmates gave some insight into what their “#1 most dedicated customer” typically orders.

In the past year, Post Malone has requested nearly 3,000 total items, on more than 660 orders, in 52 different cities nationwide, spending upwards of $40,000 on the app.

According to Page Six, number one order is a 12-pack of beer, but he’s also an indiscriminate fan of all things chicken, from spicy sandwiches to trays of tenders, ordering them in copious quantities from Chick-fil-A, Burger King, Raising Cane’s, Big Daddy’s and Popeye’s.

Can’t forget dessert and champagne- he once ordered a small chocolate vanilla cake from Carvel’s, 3 bottles of champagne and 3 bottles of pedialyte.

And yes he has special requests too like asking for “SOOOO much teriyaki sauce on the side please! And lots of soy sauce!” at Panda Express to demanding “The most expensive chess board they have” at Target.