Ed Sheeran is auctioning off his…underwear?!

Ed Sheeran is auctioning off more of personal possessions to raise money for a local hospice in his hometown.

There’s an auction planned for November 10th and on the auction block is a pair of Ed’s underwear.

The grey boxer shorts, which have the words “aka sexy bastard” printed on the elastic waist, are being offered for a starting bid of just over a hundred bucks, but they could fetch up to $192, perhaps more. There is also a pair of black boxer shorts for sale, for the low, low price of about 25 bucks.

If underwear’s a little too, um, intimate for you, Ed’s also selling his sunglasses, some t-shirts, a wallet, a necklace, electronics, toys, his harmonica, sneakers, baseball caps, books, his bottle cap collection, and even his old trash can.