Justin Timberlake recalls how he found out he was going to be a dad in new book

Justin Timberlake’s autobiographical new book Hindsight is out now


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In the book he tells some very personal stories

Like the moment he found out that he and his wife Jessica Biel were going to be parents.

Justin writes, “I was on the 20/20 Experience Tour when my life changed forever. I was in Detroit and pulling a week or two by myself because my wife was in Los Angeles, but was coming to visit me in a few days. I had just finished a show, and I go into my car and took my phone out. There was a text from Jess, in all capital letters. It read ‘Call Me Now.’”

He continues, “I FaceTimed her back immediately. She answered with this look on her face, and I knew exactly what she was going to say. Instead, she just held up the pregnancy test, and we both started bawling. I ended the tour early so I could be at home and take care of my family.”

“My last show was in Las Vegas, on January 2, 2015,” he adds. “Three months later, I was a father.” Read more here