Gwen Stefani Talks About Those Blake Shelton Engagement Rumors

Ellen Degeneres tried to trick Gwen into admitting she’s engaged to Blake Shelton on her show Tuesday…but did it work?

Nope, when Ellen told her, “So Blake told me that y’all are engaged now.”

A surprised Gwen responded, “No he didn’t. No we’re not. No we’re not. No we’re not.”

Ellen tried to keep it going saying, “Yes, he told me you’re engaged,” she said. “So let’s talk about that.”

But it didn’t work. Gwen laughed it off saying, “What are you talking about? We’re not. We’re not engaged, and we’re not married. And he’s my boyfriend still.”

She went on to say, “But I do like talking about him. He’s awesome. And we got to do a video together. See how I did that? Changed it to something that would benefit me?”