Bebe Rexha Says ‘Insecurities’ and Fears Are Inspiring Her Second Album

Bebe Rexha is working on her second album and she told PopCulture she was really diving into some tough issues.

“I’m excited to put out my second album and writing really honest music, trying to pull out all my insecurities and everything that’s ever scared me and put it in my music,” she explained. “When I get scared with my art…that’s when I feel like I’m being most honest.”

Among those fears are life milestones like “becoming a woman,” insecurities as she ages, watching her parents age and “not having forever with them.”

“I’m really touching on things people aren’t talking about,” she told PopCulture.

While we wait for the new music Bebe did give fans a “taste” of something new

(see what we did there?)