Nicki Minaj Addresses Second Concert Cancellation as Fans Chant ‘Cardi B’ [VIDEO]

On Saturday night, Nicki Minaj was scheduled to perform in Bordeaux, France.  But after fans had already filled the arena they were informed the show was cancelled due to lack of electricity.

Nicki jumped on Instagram to explain in her stories saying,

“You guys, it’s not in my best interest not perform and lose money and aggravate my fans,” she explained in a video in her Instagram Stories, rocking her new long green locks. “I love performing for my fans. I’m more excited than you are before the show. These two cities that had technical issues were cities that I had never been before and we tried to add them but they just didn’t have the power in the building to facilitate my show. And they didn’t tell us that until three hours before the show … we did sound check, they said it was fine.”

“But anyway, every artist has technical difficulties and has to cancel shows,” she added. “I wanna tell you guys that I love you dearly and I really hope to make it up very soon.”

She later tweeted

But it wasn’t enough for fans in attendance who began chanting “Cardi B! Cardi B!” as the arena was began emptying out.