Miley Cyrus Hosts Disney Kid Reunion On Instagram

Miley Cyrus teased her upcoming seventh album with an epic throwback to her Disney Channel days.

She  posted a short clip of herself at an awards show singing her song “7 Things” as she goes into the audience to find Selena Gomez and holds up the mic so Selena can sing along.

“Your generation = 7 Rings MY generation = 7 Things,” she captioned the video. “Simpler times.”


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Second Miley post in the hour, and not mad about it. #CommentsByCelebs

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Even Miley’s ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas got into the act, messaging her saying,  “Amazing. These throwback shots have been [fire],” wrote Nick.

Miley posted his comment, and then responded by posting a video of herself dancing and looking very pleased with herself. “That moment when even your ex knows your socials have been [fire].”

Ariana Grande also jumped into the conversation by responding to Miley’s initial caption that name-checked her current hit “7 Rings.” Reposting Miley’s video, Ariana repaid the compliment by writing, “7 things defined me.”

Miley gave Brittany a shout out too