People are slamming Gigi Hadid for her McDonald’s Instagram post

Gigi Hadid went to Coachella and shared a photo of herself chilling with some McD’s fries saying, “pre festival with @mcdonalds yesterday❣️fed & hydrated, thanks friends ! 🌞🍟✨”:


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pre festival with @mcdonalds yesterday❣️fed & hydrated, thanks friends ! 🌞🍟✨

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and fans had mixed reactions

One fan wrote “I really do not understand why you would promote McDonalds. “In fact, it utterly baffles me why an intelligent, well informed and influential person like yourself would what to be affiliated with such a company,” the comment continues. “Surely it can’t be for the money? There are so many other ways to be ‘fed and hydrated.'” with over 2,000 people liking that comment

it was just few months ago though that a model was called out for fat shaming outside of an In-And-Out Burger.