Ariana Grande Reportedly Raked in $8M from Coachella

Ariana Grande reportedly went home with $8 million for her closing performance at Coachella on Sunday. That’s several million more than most other performers make for that slot.

According to Variety,

Grande was Coachella’s Eight Million Dollar Woman; at least, that’s what sources tell Variety what her fee was for showing up and saving the festival’s pop-zeitgeist cache as a headliner after discussions with Kanye broke down over staging issues at the last minute. It’s hard to argue that she was overpaid, based on the PR currency the fest gained from having someone who had one of the finest pop albums of 2017 and 2018, and who is a magnet for celebrity photographers like no other, even though not one was allowed to capture her image on stage at Coachella. (That might’ve cost the festival an extra couple million.) Was she worth all $8M… or just 6-7?

Her performance included special guests Nicki Minaj


and N’Sync