Jonas Brothers Reveal If They’ll Ever “Break-Up” Again

The Jonas Brothers were on Elvis Duran this morning!

Their first single, “Sucker” off their fifth studio album is already a hit. Their new album Happiness Begins is their first album since 2013 and they will be heading on their Hapiness Begins Tour starting August 7th in Miami with Bebe Rexha and Jordan McGraw.

Elvis asked the big question.. Will they ever ‘breakup’ again?

Joe reveals the advice they got from Dr. Phil saying:

We got really good advice from dr. Phil recently and he was talking about his own relationship with his wife and and how the word the D word ‘divorce’ is just off the table always and for us we kind of took that as a band we’re like look let’s not ever use that ‘breakup’ word again because it’s just it’s so heavy if we need time off but we needed to say you know what let’s take a sec and work on separate projects we can do that and we can feel comfortable in that that way where we’re not like putting too much pressure on, no ‘we need to go on tour for 400 years’ let’s just let’s just take our time and Nick and go do Jumanji eight or nine whatever and you’ll be thrilled we get to still be the Jonas Brothers but also in our separate lives


You can watch their full interview with the Elvis Duran Show below!