Bride Demands All Bridesmaids Be the Same Height, It’s as Impossible as It Seems

A bride reportedly demanded all her bridesmaids be the same height.

Wait, what?



The bride’s cousin posted the story to Reddit’s Bridezilla thread saying

“Out of all the things a bride could need to control, why do they pick the weirdest sh*t?”

“So one of my friends is 5’10” (we’ll call her L) and her cousin is getting married. Now, said cousin is 5’11” and apparently has some weird height issue,” she wrote. “She starts by telling my friend and her other seven bridesmaids that no one can be taller than her, and she’ll be wearing 2 inch heels, so prepare appropriately. That’s fine, L decides she’ll wear flats.”

“Fast forward a couple of months, bride has now decided that all the bridesmaids must be the exact same height,” she continues. “Since L is 5’10, everyone must be exactly 5’10 and a half (apparently the heel on her flats give her half an inch, and yes the bride thinks that’s a big enough deal to warrant addressing the half inch). The issue? One of the other bridesmaids, her high school best friend is 5’3”. That’s right, this girl needs 7.5 inch heels. L and short bridesmaid bring up how impossible this is going to be, bride goes on rant about how it’s her day and her vision and this is a small request so freakin get over it.”

“The issue now is that bride hates all the shoes that her bridesmaid has found that are seven inches tall. According to bride, they look like hooker shoes. She’s complained about how horrible short bridesmaid is for making a big deal about it,” she wrote. “As of yesterday, she told L AND short bridesmaid that they were ruining her day and that one of them had to drop out of the wedding party, but she would let them decide which of them were a real friend to her and which of them was a fake friend.”

Users chimed in with one person saying: “Look, I’m 5’2″. I’ll wear 7 inch shoes, but I’m going to fall on my a** and make a huge scene so don’t be mad at me for ‘stealing focus’ from you when you’re insisting on this nonsense.”




And with great suggestions like “They should all show up on stilts.”