Lil Nas X Says He’s ‘Opening Doors For More People’ With His Coming Out Message {VIDEO}

Lil Nas X addressed his sexuality for the first time in a new interview with BBC Breakfast.  He said of his coming out message:

“I mean, it’s just something that I was considering just never doing it, ever, just taking to the grave or something. But I don’t wanna just live my entire life – especially, you know, how I just got to where I’m at – just not doing what I wanna do. I’m also, I feel, opening doors for more people.”

A funny moment after the inerview finished, X accidentally walked in front of the camera while exiting BBC Breakfast.

“Nas, can we just say, you just walked right across our camera shot,” host Charlie Stayt told the rapper after his mistake, laughing. “You see, you know how to steal the show.” Looking embarrassed by the flub, Lil Nas X promised Stayt and cohost Naga Munchetty he learned his lesson.