Shawn Mendes Reveals He’s Deleted His Social Media From His Phone: “It Just Gets To Me Too Much” {VIDEO}

Shawn Mendes has wiped his phone clean of social media platforms. Speaking to fans during a pre-concert Q&A this week in Atlanta, the 20-year-old musician revealed that his manager posts on his handles.

“I struggle with social media a lot too. To be honest with you guys, I deleted Instagram and Twitter three days ago, but I send my manager pictures and I’m like, ‘Can you post this.’”

Shawn added that social media “gets to him as much as anyone else” and steps back from the platforms when he needs to focus on him.

“Sometimes I need to take a break from it too because it gets to me just as much as it gets to anyone else. You have to take care of yourself, it’s really, really important. Make yourself come first.”