People Are Celebrating The Work That Went Into This Woman’s Subway Selfie Photo Shoot {PICS and VIDEO}

This woman took advantage of her time on the subway staging a pretty intense photo shoot…. of herself.

On Saturday (August 17th) the woman got on the train in black dress and heels, propped her phone up on her handbag, and posed for selfies. Actor and writer Ben Yahr witnessed the whole thing and captured a nearly one-minute video of the whole thing, and shared the clip on Twitter.

It went viral and has more than 30,000 retweets. He told the Huffington Post he “thought it was pretty incredible that someone would be so shameless and also awesome that she was feelin’ herself so hard.”

And others agreed:

@itsDMCL wrote: To have the confidence to do this in front of others is powerful. I could never.
@AnaJuarez_@benyahr  and @Monsterousmarc:  Is this what it’s like to NOT have social anxiety

The woman, who we now know is named Jess, responded on Twitter with some selfies that resulted from her photo shoot.