Camila Cabello Explains Releasing ‘Shameless’ & ‘Liar’ Together: ‘I’m Not Really a Drop One Single Kinda Gal’ [VIDEO]

Camila Cabello dropped two new songs “Shameless” and “Liar” as a package.

She told Zach Sang that the two songs both sides of a story:

“I think it’s too much pressure when I haven’t released an album in a year and a half to just put out one song,” Cabello said. “That’s a bit much for me. I don’t like it … I’m not really like a drop one single kinda gal. I feel like I want to put out more music, more visuals, more stuff because I feel like then it makes you appreciate the one song more because you have context for it.”

“Honestly even just putting out two kind of drives me crazy. I want to put the whole album out!” she explained.