Lizzo Accuses Postmates Driver of Stealing Her Food: She’s ‘Lucky I Don’t Fight No More’

Lizzo is 100% not down for you stealing her food.

On Monday she tweeted at Postmates saying that one of their couriers had stolen the food she ordered.

“Hey @Postmates this girl Tiffany W. stole my food,” Lizzo wrote in the since-deleted tweet, adding, “she lucky I don’t fight no more.”

In her tweet, Lizzo also shared what appeared to be a screenshot of the Postmates app that included a picture of the courier, but did not provide further details about the alleged incident.

Postmates responded and told People

“As soon as Lizzo reached out, we looked into the matter and quickly resolved the issue. We apologize to Lizzo for any inconvenience,”

Lizzo later apologized for putting the girl on blast after fans pointed out it could endanger her job with one Twitter user saying “So you’ve publicly shamed someone who works in the service industry… you’ve nearly a million twitter followers… and you’ve now DMd their employer who will likely sack the individual you shamed publicly after accusing her of theft when you don’t actually know what happened…,” tweeted another.