Elvis Duran talks about his “un-wedding” and telling his life story in his new book {VIDEO}

With the launch of his memoir, Where Do I Begin? , Elvis Duran joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to talk about his new book [out now], his wedding and to get Fallon to admit that he loves himself!

On Monday’s show, Duran admits to giving away a car at his wedding… and he wants Fallon to do the same for the audience members of his show. Well, Fallon wasn’t really about that idea but he did insist Duran read an excerpt from his book. The last chapter of the book Duran writes a letter to his younger self. Here is what he says: “You’re going to be ok. Lesson #10, listen to your heart, listen to your gut, trust yourself….. Allow the universe to put you into place at the same time never forget you deserve whatever you want out of this life. It’s yours. Love yourself. Be your best friend. I love you. Me. Older and grayer, and really f’ing happy.”

You can order and read Elvis Duran’s book now! Grab a copy today right here.