Louis Tomlinson Doesn’t Forgive Zayn Malik for Dissing One Direction

Louis Tomlinson isn’t ready to forgive Zayn Malik for how he treated One Direction after he quit the group.

Metro UK asked point blank if he was ready to forgive and he replied:

“I just don’t think I am mature enough, even in my own head, to give that a real answer. At the moment, I am still pretty mad about the whole thing. I don’t think he [Malik] handled it very well. But never say never. Who knows? He chatted a lot of s–t in the early days. I thought One Direction were pretty good.”

After Malik left the group he spoke with Billboard about the album One Direction recorded without him.

“I’ll be honest. I thought the first single was quite cool. I heard the second single and,” he said, twisting his face, “Yeah, I didn’t buy the album.”

Sadly after Tomlinson’s mother died of cancer he revealed her dying wish was for him to reconcile with Malik, 26.

“My mum said, ‘You’ve got to get back in contact with Zayn. Life’s too f—–g short,’”

Louis’ debut solo album is out in January