Is Macklemore Really Writing an Album About Magic?

MACKLEMORE says his next album will combine his two passions: Rap music and MAGIC. And he’s asking fans to come up with a title for it. He’s apparently been practicing magic for two and a half years.

He posted a picture of himself on Instagram dressed as a WIZARD . . . saying

“I’ve been working hard on this magic shit. And now I’m combining both of my talents for the first ever Magic Rap album. And YOU get to pick the name. Drop the best album title in the comments, I’ll select the best one and whoever wins gets a free dog. (I pick the dog and I get to name it though. That’s fair). Good luck”


Some of the suggestions so far

  • Ghetto Gandalf
  • Houdini’s Coffin
  • Magicmore

Our vote is for Magicmore