Girl Goes Viral For Kissing Strangers All Over the World {PICS}


It all started with this tweet from a Virginia woman


I hope this guy i met at the Eiffel Tower and asked for a pic of us kissing so i could pretend i had a romantic time in Paris is doing good.

Well it went crazy viral and she followed up with more

and people are loving her attitude

She promises more to come

According to the NY Post, 

Kugi says she always had a “bold personality” and simply wanted to show off her confidence and flair for spontaneity.

“Ever since I was young I imagined myself having a picture with a kiss there,” she said about Paris. “I had planned this kiss weeks before I went to Paris and was studying abroad at the time. I had a friend come with me to Paris and she thought it was crazy and didn’t think I would actually do it.”

Kuqi admits she was nervous when it came time to stage her Eiffel Tower kiss, but she eventually worked up the nerve to do it. She approached her eventual kissing partner, asked him if he had a girlfriend – he replied no – and the rest is history.

“The kiss was so pure and it was such a sweet moment. We took our picture, said our goodbyes and I never saw him again,” she said.