Here’s What You Need To Know about Taylor Swift’s Fight With Her Former Record Label Today

Here’s What You Need To Know about Taylor Swift’s Fight With Her Former Record Label Today

The feud between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun heated up last night after Taylor accused Scooter and Scott Scott Borchetta of blocking her from playing her old songs.

She wrote on Twitter they she is blocked her from performing her BMLG-era songs on this year’s American Music Awards because “that would be re-recording my music before I’m allowed to next year.” She also said they have blocked the use of her songs or performance footage of those songs in an upcoming Netflix documentary. According to Taylor, “The message being sent to me is very clear. Basically, be a good little girl and shut up. Or you’ll be punished.”

Well Big Machine responded with their own statement saying her narrative “does not exist.”

“As Taylor Swift’s partner for over a decade, we were shocked to see her tumblr statements yesterday based on false information,” the record label wrote in statement on its website. “At no point did we say Taylor could not perform on the AMAs or block her Netflix special. In fact, we do not have the right to keep her from performing live anywhere. Since Taylor’s decision to leave Big Machine last fall, we have continued to honor all of her requests to license her catalog to third parties as she promotes her current record in which we do not financially participate.”

Taylor’s rep responded to their rep (are you still with us?) saying:
“…Please notice in Big Machine’s statement, they never actually deny either claim Taylor said last night in her post.”

“Lastly, Big Machine is trying to deflect and make this about money by saying she owes them. But, an independent, professional auditor has determined that Big Machine owes Taylor $7.9 million dollars of unpaid royalties over several years.”

Selena Gomez, Halsey and more are with Taylor

and the #IStandWithTaylor is now trending