Kelly Clarkson Had No Idea the Jonas Brothers Opened for Her in 2005 [VIDEO]

Nick Jonas stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday and she said she was reading over the pre-interview notes when she read the Jonas Brothers opened for her once.

She told Nick:

“I had no idea that y’all opened for me in 2005. ‘Cause I feel like I just got really cool.”

Nick wasn’t bothered though he said:

“No one cared about us in 2005. We were just coming up. And basically, to get other gigs, we listed the other acts that we’d ‘opened up for.’ But that really just meant that we were on the outside stage in the parking lot while you were playing for 40,000 people,” Jonas says. “But you helped us get a lot of gigs after that, so thank you.”

“We owe you 20 percent,” he adds with a laugh.