Billie Eilish Doesn’t Know Who Van Halen Is and Twitter Reacts {VIDEO}

Van Halen wass trending on Twitter Monday because Billie Eilish doesn’t know who they are.

During an interview on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! two weeks ago, host Jimmy Kimmel tested her knowledge of older pop culture. At one point, he asks Eilish, “Can you name a Van Halen?” “Who?” she responded.

The clip then resurfaced online when someone tweeted, “Billie Eilish didn’t know who Van Halen was, I’m sobbing.” While some people were shocked and appalled by this idea, another user than quote-retweeted the original tweet, and added “Wow 17 year old girl doesn’t know of a band [whose] peak was nearly 40 years ago, that’s crazy aha.”

but others have come to her defense

including Eddie Van Halen’s son