Guy Stages Robbery in Convenience Store to Propose to Girlfriend [VIDEO]

Did he really think this was a good idea?

A guy named Ray Giuliano came up with a unique and terrifying way to propose to his girlfriend. He staged an armed robbery at a convenience store!

“I was going for ‘scared’ with a happy moment afterwards. I wasn’t going for ‘terrified,’” he told Inside Edition.

Sorry dude, this is terrifying.

In the video Giuliano’s then-girlfriend is seen cowering on the floor — and also begging for her life — as the “robber” approaches the pair and asks if the woman is Giuliano’s “girl,” before stating that he “do[esn’t] see a ring” on her finger.

Giuliano replies that the two aren’t married so the pretend-robber reaches into his bag and hands a ring to Giuliano, who then turns and proposes to his terrified, crying girlfriend.

She accepts, but later adds, laughing nervously, that she’s “going to kill” him.

Would you say yes after that?