TikTok’s Top 10 Videos of the Year {WATCH}

TikTok released its top videos of the year . . . and it includes memes, dance challenges, celebrities, and other stuff that went viral. The #1 viral video was David Dobrik and Nick Uhas’s take on “Elephant Toothpaste,” where they make a HUGE foamy explosion by combining hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide.

Warning some videos may contain NSFW langugage.

#1: @daviddobrik – David Dobrik and Nick Uhas’ crazy take on Elephant Toothpaste.

#2: @calebcutler Surgery on a banana!

#3: @malorielynn14 – Swimming pool fun takes a hilarious twist.

#4: @jayleennina – Man vs Wild: Roach edition.

#5: @sammielewiss – The MFing Tea.

#6: @jade13tr – This cat has the moves.

#7: @brittany_broski – Kombucha Girl gives us her honest opinion.

#8: @herecomedatkush – A wholesome hummingbird.

#9: @kidkneesothra – Crocs + shaving cream.

#10: @raeganbrownn – Bear suit daredevil.