Camila Cabello Reveals She Changed A Song Lyric On Her New Album To Not Hurt Someone {WATCH}


Camila Cabello was on Elvis Duran this morning where she revealed she wrote more than 80 songs and eventually narrowed it down to the 14 songs we have on the final track list.

She said she just wanted to make an album about “falling in love and being human” after explaining that she’s been in the music scene for 15 years.

I feel like you learn so much in your life about love as you experience things, relationships.. I definitely feel like at the start of this album I was a different person than I was from when I finished. Listening to an album it’s your thoughts and feelings. It’s a picture of who you were at that time. One song- I had a fear of this happening and I survived it, and it was completely fine. Writing about your real life is messy. It’s amazing and humbling to realize that you have humanity- I may think things that aren’t accurate today and 10 years from now learn from it.

While talking about the album she did mention a moment where she had to change a lyric in order to not hurt someone. She told Elvis:

There was a time in this album where there was like, a lyric that I knew would really hurt somebody’s feelings and I changed it. And then there are times where, it’s like, a really difficult boundary, to be honest. Because there are some songs, if I didn’t put them out, that’s like 60% of my life. And you know, other people are involved- that’s what’s messy about writing about your real life.

What has Cabello learned about herself from all of this?

What I learned about myself is how important it is to be brave enough to put yourself out there in life. No matter what the outcome is, the memories, experience is whats valuable. When I look back, I don’t regret it for a second. This album reminds me to live and love as boldly as I can…. even if I feel fear.