A Guy Hacked His Girlfriend’s Favorite Disney Movie to Propose [VIDEO]

This proposal is straight out of a fairy-tale…literally!

Lee Loechler recently proposed to his girlfriend, Sthuthi David, by taking her to a packed theater to see her favorite movie, Sleeping Beauty.

What she didn’t know is he spent the last six months altering the animation of the film’s most iconic scene.  He changed the characters to look like the couple themselves and the story-line into a proposal.

It’s perfection.


Reddit users’ responses to the video are hilarious, and reflect what we all feel watching this masterpiece.

Welp this guy went and did it, theres no point in any of us proposing now hes out done us all/s

Also this was incredibly sweet and amazing but I also laughed near the end when you could tell how much effort he had put into the re-animation and he really wanted her to see the bit before the book closed, its that hilarious mix of I know shes happy and freaking out but ffs will you please look at my amazing work!