Imagining Pop Stars as Fortnite Players

Imagining Pop Stars as Fortnite Players

Fortnite’s back in the news!

#NinjaSkin started trending worldwide on January 15th after the professional Fortnite player Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was given his own in-game custom skin. That meant players could take up his appearance while they battled online.

In the spirit of #NinjaSkin, I’d like to imagine what other famous people Fortnite could add to the game…

The Jonas Brothers: Many players like to work as “trios,” teams of three who stay on the field until they’re all eliminated. Since all three ‘Bros are incredibly close-knit, they’d obviously make an awesome team. Maybe they’d score a few Victory Royales, too!

Billie Eilish: At 18, Billie is probably older than the average Fortnite player, but if Epic Games put her on the battlefield, I’m sure she’d settle into the role of the “Bad Guy” pretty easily. Chances are, she’d inflict serious damage!

Post Malone: Posty would make for a great sniper, since all those hours of beer pong have definitely improved his aim. You could almost say that the practice made him “Better Now.” Sorry. That’s my worst pun yet.

Justin Bieber: Last but not least, the Biebs would be right at home in Fortnite. But we wouldn’t find him playing Battle Royale. He’d be duking it out in the Food Fight mode. Sounds like a “Yummy” experience to me!