Get To Know Waters

Waters was born at some point, in some place, although he doesn’t quite remember when or where. He spent most of his life on various Dean’s Lists, Honor Rolls, and Gold Key Societies, but threw all that out the window when he became a radio show host.

Thankfully, his family forgave him.

Waters grew up in Atlanta, went to college in Boston (where he started his radio career), and spent a little time in Chattanooga as well.

When he’s not working, you might find Waters watching annoying YouTubers, playing Call of Duty, or calling his mother for two hours at a time.

Waters owns the second-largest collection of air guitars in the world, has been snubbed for People’s Sexiest Man of the Year three times, and is the proud servant of two fat cats.

Find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and by passenger pigeon: @WatersOnAir.

He hopes that you enjoy his show