Ten Years Later, the Same Stars Shine

January 18th is a very special day in Justin Bieber history! On that day in 2010, he dropped the legendary hit song “Baby” featuring Ludacris. With a top-five chart debut, massive radio airplay, and 2.1 billion views on its YouTube video, it’s arguably one of Justin’s most successful songs ever.

Now, a decade after the fact, the Biebs marked the occasion on Instagram:


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10 years 👀

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What’s amazing about this anniversary is that the all-grown-up, newly-married Bieber is just as relevant as his tween-pop self. Turns out, he’s not the only singer from 2010 who’s remained successful. Almost everyone who topped the Billboard charts that year still has new music out. Here’s the definitive list of which 10-year anniversaries stood the test of time:

Kesha – 10 years ago and with a dollar sign in her name, Ke$ha started the year with a 6-week run at number one with “Tik Tok.” Now in the era where TikTok is an app, not a song, she’s still putting out new music, most recently “Raising Hell.”

Lady Gaga – A decade ago, Gaga put two songs on top of the charts, for a combined total of 7 weeks. Even if you’re too young to remember “Bad Romance” and “Telephone” when they came out, you’ve definitely heard them at throwback dance parties! And rumor has it that she’ll be releasing new music next month…

Rihanna – Riri has pretty much lived at number one since her career began, and 2010 was no exception. “Rude Boy,” “Love the Way You Lie,” and “Only Girl (In the World)” all dominated the airwaves ten years ago. These days, she’s more into fashion than music, but surely Rihanna can’t stay away from the number one spot forever.

Bruno Mars – Still relatively new on the scene back then, Bruno topped the charts twice: once as a hook-singer for B.O.B.  (“Nothin’ On You”) and once on his own (“Just the Way You Are”). Since then, he’s performed halftime shows, awards ceremonies, and even collaborated with Cardi B twice!

As different as the music industry was back in 2010, it turns out that several of the players have remained the same! Hats off to them, for changing with the times and staying cool.