Top 5 Wildest Cardi B Tweets… This Week


It’s no secret that Cardi B is full of wisdom. She’s just got an unconventional way of expressing all of it. She’s always on Twitter, dropping truth bombs, making jokes, and sometimes being a little NSFW. Check out the Top Five (appropriate-for-work) Cardi B Tweets, in the past few days alone:

Number 5: To Peanut Punch or not to Peanut Punch? In this tweet, Cardi tells her followers about the so-called “Irish Moss” superfood, a form of red algae that is apparently a good source of multiple vitamins. In Cardi’s view, it tastes better than making a peanut smoothie for the same effects, and she wants to make sure everyone knows. So health-conscious!

Number 4: Back-To-School. Baby Kulture isn’t even old enough for pre-school yet, but Cardi’s already thinking about the idea classroom environment. That’s big Mama Bear energy! Maybe she thinks homeschooling is the best option?

Number 3: Wrestlin’ rapper. Cardi turned heads and made waves by wearing a bejeweled mask at a party over the weekend. She told the Twitterverse about her mask’s inspiration by typing only two words: the name of a famous California wrestler.

Number 2: New-tune teaser. We know Cardi’s working on another summertime hit in the studio right now, but she made sure we all understood her excitement in this tweet. If only she gave some details about when it’s coming out…

Number 1: Don’t believe everything you read online. Somebody must have given Cardi B some highly-suspect medical information, but since she’s the queen of everything, she made sure to fact-check by asking her followers. Don’t read the comments section, though. It’s nasty in there!

Truly, there are only three guarantees in life: Death, Taxes, and bizarre tweets from Cardi B.