Q&A with the Waters Family Cat™


Today is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Yes, that’s a real thing.

To mark the occasion, I’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that my girlfriend’s cat, Tinkerbell (pictured above), is known to ask me.

  1. “Wake up?” More of a demand than a question, Tink likes to sit at the edge of the bed and yell at me. Usually, this doesn’t happen at a normal time of day, such as when I wake up at 7:30am. It usually happens at about 5:30am instead! Tink’s an early riser, gotta give her that.

  2. “Feed me?” Once again, this question veers into demand territory. Despite Tink’s exceptionally large frame (she’s 12 pounds), she’s always hungry! Or maybe she’s hungry *because* of her incredible size…

  3. “Feed me again?” This question frequently comes immediately after Food Time, once she can see the bottom of the bowl. Incredibly, after I shake around the bowl a little, she realizes that there’s still a few kibbles left.

  4. “How about now?” Here’s a question often asked five minutes later, once she actually reaches the bottom of the bowl and sees that it’s empty. Remember, it’s empty because she ate it all.

  5. “When’s the next Food Time?” Tink gets fed at 7:30am, 5pm (by my girlfriend), and 11pm. And she knows this schedule very well. Most cats would be quite happy with three full meals a day, but Tink is always gunning for a fourth. Persistent!

  6. “Feed me?” This question comes back into rotation around 10pm, even though, again, Tink knows she won’t be eating for another hour. But it’s worth a shot.

  7. “Feed me?” This nightly question comes at 10:01pm.

  8. “Feed me?” 10:02pm.

  9. “Feed me?” Despite being a 12-pound block of fur, it seems like this cat can only picture one thing in her mind: achieving a weight of lucky-number 13 pounds!

  10. “Feed me?” Last but certainly not least, Tink likes to ask this question while I’m currently in the act of feeding her. Like, food-bag-in-hand, pouring another scoop of dried Alaskan Char into her bowl. Guess she’s just making sure.