Diplo Responds To Sia’s Comments That She Texted Him for ‘No-Strings Sex’ {WATCH}

Diplo was doing the media rounds on the red carpet at the Grammy awards Sunday when PeopleTV asked him about Sia’s interview with GQ in which she revealed she texted Diplo for ‘No-strings sex”

So how did Diplo respond to this?

“That’s no comment,” Diplo told PeopleTV. I love her to death and I value our relationship a lot more.”

Diplo said he had no idea Sia would share their private texts with the world, but that he wasn’t surprised, as it matches her “spontaneous” personality.

“She’s a loose cannon, and she does whatever she wants,” he said. “She’s spontaneous and insane, so I love her for that.”

So how do you interpret his answer?