Billie Eilish Says She ‘Maybe, Maybe Not’ Has a ‘Couple Songs’ for Next Album

Billie Eilish spilled details about new music after her 5 Grammy wins Sunday night.

Speaking to Billboard at the Grammys, Billie said she’ll release one-off singles “if I have them,” but cautions, “I don’t really know what’s coming. I’m kinda just like doing what I feel and while doing that, thinking about making an album.  But it’s not done at all — it’s like, a couple songs, maybe. Maybe not.”


“I’m just gonna like, go with whatever happens, y’know?”

She also talked about her upcoming Apple TV+ documentary, and said she plans to watch it before it launches, noting, “I better get some say in what’s in it and what’s not! Dude, they have filmed some stuff that I’m like, ‘Please don’t put that in there’ — like, just me being annoying or whatever. But yeah, I’ll watch it. I’ll watch it, for sure. I’m excited.”