Shakira’s Tongue Was the Real MVP of the Super Bowl Halftime Show [GIF]

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira teamed up for an unforgettable Super Bowl halftime show.

And while there was incredible moments during the performance, this is the only one you need to know.

Once again with sound


And social media reacted how it usually does, with memes.


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But the sound has cultural significance.

Shakira, who is Lebanese-Colombian, has been incorporating aspects of Middle Eastern culture in her performances for years.

Hatem Bazian, a senior lecturer in Near Eastern and ethnic studies at the University of California at Berkeley, told The Washington Post that the noise is called a zaghrouta.

The expression has a “long-standing cultural presence” in countries such as Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, Bazian said. It is most commonly used by women at weddings in call-and-response form, but it has variations that make appearances at graduations and birthdays.

“It definitely has a long history without putting a particular date to it,” he said. “So much so that no wedding or celebration would be complete without having a zaghrouta expression taking place.”