Two White Guys Try the #PGrooveChallenge!

The world needs more positivity. It always has, and probably always will. A viral dance challenge might not solve all our problems, but it sure brought a smile to my face today when my boss, McCoy, and I tried the #PGrooveChallenge!

A little backstory: this challenge was created by a teacher in Chesapeake, hoping to spark some happiness in the world. This teacher, PJ Howard IV from Oscar Smith Middle School, cooked up a dance and shared it on twitter.

Inspired by this local movement, I recruited the legendary Paul McCoy to join me in re-creating a small part of the challenge. Learning the dance was pretty straightforward – there’s an up-down part, a lil’ getting low, and a high five that adds some two-person chemistry. After rehearsing for an embarrassingly long amount of time (we are, after all, two white guys with very little dancing skill), we gave it a shot:

How did we do? Give the #PGrooveChallenge a try, and tag us in your videos! We love seeing the 757 have a little fun.