Hayley Williams Takes On Dua Lipa!

When rock and pop artists show each other love, it’s amazing. For example, it turns out that the former Paramore singer Hayley Williams is a fan of Dua Lipa’s new music!

Hayley, who’s getting ready to release her own solo album on May 8th, did a live session in Britain that included a cover of “Don’t Start Now,” and it’s pretty cool.

She takes Dua’s vocal range and flips it, diving deeper in her note choice when the original song would soar upwards. The instrumentation is definitely more laid-back, and that subtle arrangement lets Hayley express her voice.

I know you want to listen (why else would you click this article?) so here it is. Enjoy!

Here’s to hoping that Dua Lipa will respond with a new version of “Ain’t It Fun”¬†or another Paramore song soon!