Top 5 Cardi B Tweets This Week, Part II

Once again, it’s time to go back through Cardi B’s twitter feed, selecting the finest and most bizarre musings from America’s favorite dancer-turned-rapper from the Bronx.

5. Our first offering is actually a retweet. Here, Cardi expresses her appreciation to Saquon Barkley AND her interest in doing a song with Lewis Capaldi and Bob Dylan. It would probably top the charts.

4. It’s not Keto, and it’s not South Beach, but apparently it works! *insert smiley face emoji here*

3. Turns out Cardi B likes baseball! Who woulda thought?

2. It’s no secret that Cardi’s baby is adorable. She retweeted this to give some love to a fan who wanted to show just how much she loves little Kulture.

1. Last but not least, here’s a philosophical question, with a fun grammatical error added in. If it doesn’t make sense, you probably don’t want to know.