Post Malone Spotted Eating At Olive Garden in Indianapolis By Fans {PICS}

Post Malone stopped by his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, while in Indianapolis for a show this week.

Margo Blair Harczynski told the Indy Star that she spotted Post Malone and his entourage eating around 4:30pm and that, for the most part, Post was kept in private. When he was done eating, the singer was led out by a side door and blinds of the restaurant were pulled down to try and conceal where he was going.

She went outside to try and meet him with her grandkids and succeeded.

She said Post was an all-around class act. “From the bottom of my heart, Post was so polite. Everything I said, it was ‘Yes ma’am’ ‘No ma’am,'” she said. A MAN!

Other fans got the chance to snap some selfies too before he left for his show.

Posty’s love of Olive Garden is well documented

Dennis Rodman even gave him an Olive Garden gift card as a Christmas present back in 2018. Maybe he was using that?