5 Things a Woman Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

This post was, ironically, written by a man. Of course.

Anyway, let’s dive into the things that women ACTUALLY want for Valentine’s Day. The truth might surprise you.

  1. A text back. I mean, for the sake of everything, it takes about 30 seconds to write a paragraph about how great she is and how much you want to spend time with her (except when she’s not in the mood for your company, of course).

  2. Money. They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that probably only applies to girls. For a grown-ass woman like you, he needs to show that he cares by dipping into that wallet.

  3. Diamonds. Forget what I said earlier. If you two end up divorcing in a few years, you can always sell the ring and use that money to escape to Paris with your girlfriends. It’s a good backup plan, at least.

  4. A lovey-dovey post on Instagram. This IS NOT a standalone gift (you have to couple it with something else off this list), but it’s a solid start. Make sure he knows to post a cute pic of you, not some just-woke-up, messy hair and sweatpants kind of pic. Unless you’re into that. And of course you’d never tell him.

  5. Lizzo tickets. She might not even be on tour, but he’s gonna have to make it happen for you somehow. And that has to include meet-n-greets, because Lizzo is a girlboss, and so are you, so you’ll probably hit it off and become BFFs backstage.