Top 5 Cardi B Tweets This Week

Let’s have another look at the legendary female rapper’s twitter profile, which is often simultaneously a cesspool and an open book of wisdom. What will she share with us this week?

5. Stars in his eyes: Here, Cardi B shows a little love for a basketball player at this weekend’s NBA All-Star Game.

4. Cardi in Congress: She flashed back to 2016 in this post, and once again, expressed a desire to be a part of our political process. Would you vote for Cardi?

3. Astrology outlook: Born on October 11th, the queen of the Bardi Gang is a Libra, so it makes sense that she would own her star sign! Not sure Cardi does anything “a little bit” though…

2. Astrology expert: Clearly this was a subject weighing on her mind this week, as Cardi dished out some Libra truths. Anyone who knows her, knows this describes her perfectly.

1. Astrology alcohol: Is Cardi B going from a rapper to a horoscope author? Perhaps. In the best tweet of the week, she equates a popular variety of adult beverage to the star sign Capricorn. Do you understand what she means? Because the 7,000 people who liked this tweet heard it loud and clear.