5 Ways Post Malone Could Improve His Appearance Besides Face Tats


Poor, poor Post Malone. The “Circles” vocalist told GQ Style the reason why he has so many face tattoos, and it honestly makes us feel bad for him.

Posty said about his ink, “It does maybe come from a place of insecurity.” To think, the rapper worth $20 million dollars still struggles with his appearance. Celebrities really are like the rest of us.

So maybe this list will help him out a little. Behold, 5 ways Post Malone could fix his face, besides face tattoos.

5. A razor. Bad facial hair can ruin even the hottest guy’s look. If Posty wanted to clean things up a little bit, he might reveal a charming jawline.

4. A new hairstyle. No style is complete without a haircut, so maybe the “Rockstar” rapper could freshen things up with a pair of scissors. Or better yet, pay a professional to do that.

3. Makeup. Lots of guys in pop music accent their features with a little eye shadow or blush. It could work wonders!

2. Botox. There’s no shame in plumping your cheeks or filling your lips. Just look at Cher. She owns it.

1. Practice self-love. Lizzo uses her music to teach us the value of self-acceptance. If Post Malone wrote an “ugly-guy anthem,” it would probably top the charts, and suddenly we’d be proud of him for loving his face the way it is!