Self-Quarantine is Turning Us All Into Gamers

The COVID-19 epidemic has taken a serious toll on the entertainment industry. Almost every major sport has either canceled or postponed their seasons and championships. Countless tours have called it quits. Even future Hollywood blockbusters are delaying their release dates.

But there’s one thing that’s still going strong: online video gaming!

After all, when super-competitive people get cooped up indoors, self-quarantining, they turn to activities that fuel that need for action. Take, for example, Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young:

I wonder what he’s playing? His teammate, Brandon Goodwin, has been playing Fortnite, but apparently, he’s been having a rough time with it:

Speaking of Fortnite, the rapper Travis Scott has been working with the developers to add a virtual version of himself into the game!

Meanwhile, the chart-topping producer Marshmello has been playing the new “Warzone” mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. And he’s been doing well!

There are a ton more examples of celebrities picking up video games during quarantine, and the list will grow longer as time goes on! If you could play with any celebrity, who would you want to play with, and what game would you try? Think about it, because if the self-quarantine movement continues (as it should), that might be a reality soon!